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Betty Rewards Program

Want to reach an active and dedicated community who is interested in the wellbeing of themselves, the planet, and others? We offer a rewards program in which each time someone tunes in to a meditation, they get a point. Points can be redeemed as discounts with our partner vendors.

Examples of vendors include: Blume, Care/Of, Freshprep, Nala Care, and more.

Other ways to collaborate:

We'd love to hear from you! Whether it's to host a digital workshop for our community, offer a discounted rate for your team, or to work together on an event or campaign, give us a shout at


We bring the community of a studio to the convenience of an app.

Betty is a private community that runs daily beditations every hour, on the hour between 6-8AM(PST) via Instagram Live. If you know you "should" meditate, but “forget to” on the regular- No shame, We make it easy for you.

How does it work?

Tune in every morning (6, 7, and 8AM PST) via Instagram, Monday-Friday, for a ten to fifteen minute Betty Broadcast.

Hate mornings or live in a different time zone? All good! The last one of the day is always saved to our stories for 24 hours so you can watch and rewatch.

Every time you tune in, you get a point. Collect points to redeem exclusive discounts off of vendors in our Betty Rewards Program. (Think: Meal delivery services, skincare, etc.)

Whether it's a recommendation or a musing, we take some time at the end of every Betty Broadcast to share mindful tips and best practices for living a kinder, more conscious life.

We know making new habits can be tough- which is why we have Real Humans who care whether or not you show up. We'll check in on you and send you little reminders and memes.

You'll have a community behind you. The internet can feel like a lonely place and Bettyland is the exclusive and private digital clubhouse for Bettys- a place for conversations, connections, and care.

Betty Values 101

If you share the same values, you may have just found your people and we want to meet you!


We believe in being kind.

This doesn't make us push overs and we don't take anybody's shit- because kindness starts at home. It means we have self-compassion and self-respect, as well as compassion and respect for others in our community and beyond.


This isn't your faux-enlightened "consciousness" awakening. We're interested in moving through the world doing less harm.

We're not perfect but you bet we're bringing our reusable mugs and totes to our next protest. Meditation is one form of self care so that we can build our strengths to fight the good fight.


We're all Real People with Real Mistakes and Real Feelings.

We think a big part of being human is feeling uncomfortable and being messy sometimes (There's only so much you can KonMari.) and we're interested in other people who feel the same way.

No Dumb Questions

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What Comes with Membership?

Along with the daily beditations, you’ll receive exclusive access to Bettyland. There, you can connect with like-minded folks, watch past meditation videos, redeem your points in our shop, and find a weekly roundup of articles and links to support your self care needs

Wait, will I be on video?

Nope! We can see your username when you tune in but that's it. So feel free to be in your sweatpants, hair tied, and chilling with no makeup on with your phone in that unflattering under-the-chin-angle

But I can't turn off my thoughts. I'm not good at meditating!

Hey, you and I both. No one can turn off their thoughts- that's not what meditation is about. What IS it about? Well you'll have to try and see 😉

I already have an app

That's cool! Does your app work for you or is it just taking up space on your phone? Betty is designed to help build a better morning routine. Plus, there is a Real Human (that's me! 🙋🏻‍♀️) who notices and cares whether or not you show up. I'm always watching out for you 👀

Are they all the same meditations?

Nope! Every day is a new day- which means a different meditation, a new check in question, and a new quote or take-away message for you to think about during your day.

What if I live in another time zone?

You can still participate! Over half of Bettys live all around the world and tune in to our saved meditation every day, at whatever time works for them. Every view is noted and counts towards your points balance- even the ones that happen when we aren't live.

Who the F is Betty?

Plot twist: my name isn’t Betty- It’s Anita, but most people call me Neets. 👋🏽

Learning to meditate in my early 20s changed my life, and saved my life. (like, literally. Ask me about it.) I've been in the "wellness" world for almost a decade (I even founded Canada's first modern meditation studio); and while there are lots of great tools out there, I created Betty to make meditating easier, and a little more fun.

But really, it's about so much more than just meditating- it's a community, it's a vibe, and it's a reason to wake up in the morning to do good, and do better for ourselves, every day.

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